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Cleaning an office or commercial space is not running the vacuum over the floor and emptying the trash.  Green Cleaning Services mission is to create a world class office space.  We dust, wash walls, clean baseboards, move chairs and items on the floor so the whole floor gets cleaned.  We have an expert floor technician on staff who will strip, wax and polish your floors to perfection. 

Let's look around your office and see what your clients see.  Look at your chair, are the legs dusty?  Is the crack between the chair and the back dirty?  Are the light fixtures clean, no bugs in the shades?  Is there a cobweb up in the corner of the ceiling?  Are the baseboards dirty and dusty?  Are your bathroom floors and baseboards clean, behind the toilet, stall doors and walls free of marks and stains?  These are the places that the "in and out" cleaners miss but what makes the difference to your client.  Sometimes a client has nothing to do but look around while they wait.  Are they looking at dust and dirt or are they looking at a world class office.  Call Green Cleaning Services for a free estimate!