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Deep Cleaning, Oven/Stove Cleaning, Grout and Ceramic Tile Cleaning

Deep Cleaning Fall is Here

Deep Cleaning the Old Fashion Way 

We move furniture and appliances (when is the last time your refrigerator coils were vacuumed?).  Cleaning in places you don't see.  Getting in the corners, washing walls and baseboards, cleaning inside and outside of kitchen cabinets and pantry. We will clean slider tracks, window and door frames.  We will clean your living space, really clean your living space.  Call for a free estimate.  443-523-8186

Carpet Cleaning and Sanitizing 

Most homes have carpet but did you know that a carpet can hold eight times in weight in dust and dirt.  Green Cleaning Services has clean carpet solutions.  First we vacuum your carpet using HEPA filtered vacuums, removing and trapping 99.8% of dust and pollen, then we steam your carpet killing 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, dust mites and other critters living in your carpets while releasing the dirt from the carpet fibers.  Next we tackle the stains using all natural products and steam to power out even the worst stains. ***  Then, we vacuum again to remove the dirt that the steam released and finally we wash your carpet leaving only clean behind.  

Our team uses all natural cleaners, no harsh toxic chemicals that harm your pets, you or your family.  And unlike commercial companies, we don't use detergents that leave residue which attracts dirt and guess what, you need your carpet cleaned more frequently.  Our process and machines promote quicker drying, not a day of drenched carpets.  

You might be considering replacing your carpet.  Our affordable rates will allow you to give your carpet just one more chance.  As we mentioned, we can't get out all stains but we will surprise you as we have surprised others at the stains we can remove.  Pet stains, food stains, punch stains, wine stains, stains that just stare at you every time you walk by them.  

*** Please understand that there are some stains that we can't remove because of prior attempts that left chemicals behind that have bound the stains in an impenetrable molecular bond.

Stove and Oven Cleaning

Even a self cleaning oven doesn't restore the original shine and clean like Green Cleaning Services will.  We use all natural cleansers and steam to power the grease and burned on food leaving a shining oven.  Some burn marks will never disappear but we power away without damaging your ovens protective coating.  We don't scrape and chip away at your oven.  We let the natural cleansers and steam remove the gunk leaving nothing but a beautiful oven.  Can you see through the glass?  When we are finished, you will see through the glass into an almost new oven.  Give us a call for a free estimate. 443-523-8186

Grout and Ceramic Tile 

Grout can get so dirty and stained that we might want to just replace the big mess.  Green Cleaning Services can do wonders with your grout without the giant fee that others charge because we use steam and natural stain removers that quickly power away the built up dirt.  We also offer grout sealing which is recommended to protect the grout and help maintain the life of your grout.  Unsealed grout allows water to penetrate its porous surface which deteriorates the grout and allows dirt to penetrate into the grout.  Give us a call for a free estimate and give you tile another chance at enhancing your home rather than being an eye soar.  443-523-8186