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Power washing time is here.  Green Cleaning Services, Inc. Now offers power washing.          Call for a free estimate.  443-523-8186

Green House Cleaning

Residential House Cleaning 

We find house cleaning to be the most rewarding job that we perform. Our customers look forward to cleaning day.  They come home and find nothing but clean and they tell us which point of pride for our teams.  While we use all natural cleaning products, we willingly use special products that our clients like as well.  Many of our clients have pets and appreciate that the little paws are not walking through chemicals day after day.  

Ec0-Friendly Products Available

We are cleaning the peninsula one property at a time. Did you know, commercial cleaning products, and the chemicals in them, are dangerous to your family, your pets, your employees, your septic and our waterways. Green Cleaning Services uses only natural products., made with only ingredients that are safe for humans and pets.  All of our products are bio-degradable, phosphate, ammonia and chlorine free.  We use HEPA filtered vacuums and steam mops.  This equipment removes 99.7% of viruses and bacteria, rag weed, dust mites and pollen.  Please feel free to email and ask for recipes for "green" cleaning products.  We can clean your living space or your work space and leave nothing but clean when we finish.

Please view this video.  When we started this business, we did a lot of research about the commercial "poisons" that are bottled and sold to the pubic to use for "cleaning".  This video explains the negative heath effects from exposure to these "toxic" chemicals especially for women and children.  Green Cleaning Services uses only natural cleansers that are not only healthy for humans but healthier for our environment.  Cleaning chemicals destroy the healthy bacteria in septic systems causing over time, complete failure which is very costly to repair. Slowly media is revealing the truth behind commercial chemicals.  In response,, chemical companies are producing "green" products which you will find contain basic household ingredients but are very pricey.  Please email and we will share our recipes for green cleaning products.  We even make our own laundry soap and dryer balls.  See the contact page and just request a recipe.  


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